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Capt. Macmillan of Staff buried.  Provided bearers.

Lent 2 Water Carts to Punjabis & on 5th special escort started for Kangata stopped & returned 3 miles out Lt. Jones 2 B.O. & 50 Rifles.

A.D.V.S. inspected animals.  Col. Driscoll left in command of Divnl. Reserve troops at the Post.  8.30 night alarm about 12 bullets fired over Camp from Bridge or N.E.  3 M/G moved to west end of Hill.

From 24th June to 5th July formed our own perimeter piquets & guards & escort parties for convoys & telegraph parties along road 5 miles South & to Kangata north.

‘B’ Coy. under Capt. Welstead (36 Rifles) took over RED HILL from Punjabis – also 3 Signallers.  ‘A’ Coy. under Lt. Gilham (25 Rifles) took over Lukigura Bridge Post from Punjabis.  Defences reorganised by Genl. Bevis.

At Makindu provided escorts for lorries to supply Refueling Point from 1 N.C.O. & 12 Rifles to 2 B.O. & 28 Rifles – away 1-3 nights.  Provided native labour for various Divnl. Purposes.

Marched to MSIHA RIVER.  Camp shelled – 4.1 – 2.30pm to 5pm.

(From 24th June to 5th July formed our own perimeter piquets & guards & escort parties for convoys & telegraph parties along road 5 miles South & to Kangata north.)

One Coy. Piquet on small hill to 13/7/16.  Strength 16 B.O. & 226 Rifles.

2 D.C.M.s awarded for Kwedirema fight.

12904 L/Cpl. Stevens C., ‘A’ Coy.

13145 C.S.M. Poole H. G., ‘D’ Coy.

Camp shelled – 4.1, 5 to 6.30pm.  Camp shelled – 4.1, 7.10pm at intervals through night.

‘C’ Coy. reinforced post at Red Hill.  Rations sent to Red Hill every 4 days.  Sent them 1 water cart.

Heard that Pte. Justice W. killed in action at ZENDINI.

Lt. Brown & 1 man to Maktau for clothing.  Camp shelled - 4.1, 3pm to 6pm (38 shells), 10pm to 11.30pm (10 shells).  

First shell at 3pm fell in our M/G lines.

Lt. Cunningham  & 1 man to Kahe for mails.  Capt. McLaqlin joined.  Camp shelled by 16pdr 5pm to 6pm (15 shells) all


Camp shelled – 4.1, 11.30am to 6.15pm.  One shell fell in our lines near ORoom.

Capt. Page to Mauri (returned on 27th).

Camp shelled by 3 or 4 various guns 5.15pm to 6.15 pm.  Few splinters fell in our lines also 6 shells fired over our camp at

ten minutes to one in the night.

Capt. Pere joined.

Camp shelled – 4.1, 15 hrs to 17 hrs.  One shell fell in our lines & upset the Krupp gun.

   "           "         "  , 11 hrs to 13 hrs.

   "           "         "  , 15.30 hrs to 16.15 hrs.

Regimental & share of Post duties.  Camp shelled occasionally.  Reduced transport to 22 A.T. Carts. Stored baggage in


Left MAKINDU – carts at 5.0, men at 6.0 a.m.  Road very full.  Oxen weak some failed.

Colonel Driscoll placed in command of 1st Division Reserve 5:8:16 to 11:8:16.  Camped on Hill.  Reduced A.T. Carts to 16. Left rest with guard of 15.

Left LUKIGURA.  Moved to Hill 3 miles west.  Helped transport over Hill.

Camped 1 mile west of Hill.  Following 3rd Division’s road.

Left Hill Camp.  Moved about 7 miles west.  Movement abandoned.  Returned.

Camped 2 miles west of Hill on new road cut by 1st Division, avoiding hills of other.

Returned to LUKIGURA carrying 2 M/G & ammunition for L.N.L. since yesterday.  Some men attended dentist.

Marched back to MAKINDU and occupied old camp.

Marched to river 5 miles south.  Crossed it.  Sent Patrol a mile forward.

Heard Mounted Patrol from 1st E. A. Brigade fired on by about 10 rifles at RUHUNGU.

Brought men of Patrol back with Officer.  Retired behind river, entrenched.  Sent out Patrols in night & at dawn.  No sign of enemy.

Moved over & past RUHUNGU position, which found unoccupied, to river 7 miles from MAKINDU.  Camped here with Cape Corps, No.1 Armoured Motor Battery & 61st Pioneers, repairing bridge.

Moved to RUSSONGO.

Worked at Bridge & drift.

Moved to TURIANI.

Worked at Bridge.

Battalion marched alone to MWUHE RIVER and worked with G.C.R. & Cape Corps at bridge etc.

Lieut. Fordham & 2nd Lieut. Lloyd joined the Battalion.


Regimental duties and part Post defence.  Few fatigues, animal burning & culverts repairs.

2nd Line carts left for DAKAWA with ‘B’ company & colour party.

Battalion followed alone.  Arrived 9.30 hrs.

Battalion rested two days.

Battalion marched with Divisional Reserve about 8 miles North East & halted during mid-day on WAMI RIVER then

marched South & S. East & slept on side of road at 7.30 p.m.

Continuing next day, reaching NGERENGERE River at 7.0 p.m.

Carts reached the Battalion next day.

‘A’ company under Captain Gilham remained to protect Army artillery cars (joining battalion again at TULO on :9:16).

Battalion marched to BRIDGE CAMP arriving at 13 hrs.

Battalion marched to KILLUNDI with Divisional Reserve under Lt Col. Rose, G.C.R. through Pass arriving 16 hrs.  Water here was got by digging holes in the apparent stream bed.

Marched to MSSAMBESSI RIVER camp arriving at 10 hrs.

Rations apparently short.  Efforts by Division to obtain local supplies, water excellent, small quick running stream clear

over sand.

Marched to PUGO 5 miles, arrived 17 hrs camped up valley water bad.

Marched to MINANGALA 8 miles and camped near 1st Divn. H. Q.  Water – a spring close, animals 3 miles away.  On the way halted from 9 hrs to 16 hrs near German 4” Gun taking up defensive position in front of caves.  Water good, spring a mile away.

Marched to RUWU River 3 miles.  Waded over, shallow to 1’ 6” deep 20 yds broad, clean & swift.  Left carts on North

Bank, carried baggage over.  Signallers tapped in and laid cable to camp.

Marched to LUSSENGWE with pack mules & 1 blanket only per man.  Leaving kits, baggage behind under RQMS etc.

guard to follow.

Halted 2½ hrs on road.  O. C. went ahead with General Hannyngton G. O. C. 2nd Brigade to which Battalion is temporarily


Followed native guide to O. C. & on to MAGALI RIDGE. Scouts leading.

Halted and collected at village on knoll, opposite main Ridge.

Took up position on end of low parallel ridge to cover Scouts.

Moved to East end of ridge occupied by Scouts & “C” Coy. opposite the Greek House & the Pass.

Established visual communication with Kashmir Post 2 miles back.  Had not enough men to occupy main ridge which was

also not so important as tongue running to overlook the road.  Saw about 100 enemy troops coming down Pass.

Sent Patrol 1 & 6 out to the tongue.  Saw enemy observation post on hill 1250 yds. to S. E.

Allowed small fires & no smoke until dark only.  All well sheltered by ridge & wood.

Sent 4 small officers’ patrols out for 3 hrs.  Lieut. Buchanan made sketch of S. E. & E. landscape.

Located enemy in wood on Pass.  Z Signals established telephone post at noon, cable from road near LUSSENGWE

2 guns of 27th Mountain Battery arrived made positions One commanding Observation Hill & one pointed at Pass.

Opened fire on Observation Hill 8 rounds one gun, 250 rounds each two maxims.  Saw observer run. Other gun fired 7

rounds at Pass.  Stopped for fear of falling short in G. C. Regt.

Enemy howitzer put 6 shells on village knoll below the ridge.  Bought small quantities of meal etc. from natives who seemed most friendly.  Enemy had taken their women & jumli.  Enemy said to be at TULO & MWUHA in force & a camp about 2 miles south MAGALI.  Rations fetched by mules daily from LUSSENGWE as G.O.C. did not consider safe to send carts to Greek House.

Excellent panoramic view of days action.

Established Battalion telephone station at Greek House & tapped in there, Z Signals having left & rolled in cable.  Carts

taken back with kits etc. from LUSSENGWE O.C. not informed until Battalion near MWUHA.

Marched to MWUHA with 2nd Brigade as escort to 27th Mountain Battery – 10 miles.  Some small enemies retired before

the Brigade down the Pass 1 mile from MWUHA village.

Battalion ordered forward but enemy cleared before deployment.  Camped close to village.  Fires on low ground only.

Water in river excellent 1’ 6” deep clear swift running over clean sand.

Rations for the day arrived and issued at reveille.

Marched to TULO 8 miles.

Camped with 2nd Brigade, S. W. of village.  Good water as last.  Many shells in river & stores etc.

New barrack bandas not yet used by enemy.  All signs of haste in retreat.

Signallers took over Station on 2nd Brigade moving on.

Provided 1 piquet & own sentries.  Rations short but a good deal of produce bought privately by the men in organised parties who went to villages beyond the RUWU river N.E.

Colonel Driscoll, ordered to be responsible for the defence of the Post, arranged scheme of defence accordingly until battalion left.

Parties of mules were sent to MWUHA for rations.  Escorts to German prisoners etc. sent back MOROGORO.  Natives engaged preparing Aerodrome ground.  Battalion engaged 18 M/G porters at TULO.  Of 60 porters supplied at LUSSENGWE all but 4 ran away.

O.C. left for L. of C. to NAIROBI to gather Battalion together, accompanied by Captain Page.

Marched to Duthumi 12 miles.  Hot and some rain.  Used 4 mule carts of 27th Mountain Battery.

Camped on side of road to hospital.  Joined 1st Brigade under General Sheppard.


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