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East African Despatches

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As with all British Commanders-in-Chief in a theatre of war the Commander-in-Chief of the East African Force was required to report the activities and achievements in that theatre to the War Office.  This report took the form of a despatch which was published in the London Gazette and Lieutenant-General the Hon. J. C. Smuts’ arrival in theatre as Commander-in-Chief in February 1916 heralded the start of the official despatches from East Africa.  Smuts was later replaced by Lieutenant-General A. R. Hoskins and he in turn by Lieutenant-General Sir J. L. van Deventer, the following links will take you to the relevant despatches sent to the War Office by that particular Commander-in-Chief of the East African Force:

London Gazette #29630. Tuesday, 20th June, 1916

Lieutenant-General The Hon. J. C. Smuts

London Gazette #29906. Wednesday, 17th January, 1917 London Gazette #30026. Wednesday, 18th April, 1917

Lieutenant-General A. R. Hoskins

London Gazette #30447. Thursday, 27th December, 1917

Lieutenant-General Sir J. L. van Deventer

London Gazette #30611. Friday, 5th April, 1918 London Gazette #31069. Monday, 16th December, 1918 London Gazette #31310. Saturday, 26th April, 1919 Back