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Left Kissaki (Camp on road leading to MGETA RIVER) and advanced at head of main body of 1st E.A. Brigade Kashmiris in advance, 30th Punjaubis in rear, down road to German Main camp on MGETA RIVER (KIVA HONGO).

At 8 hrs. our advance guard came in touch with enemy.  We had two men slightly wounded.  Half a mile further we had two more men slightly and 1 Officer (Lt. Halstead) severely wounded.

Entered enemy camp at 14 hrs. and had no more fighting.  We camped for the night.  The enemy had been driven out of his position with heavy loss of men and material.

Marched out at 5.30 hrs.  Halted at WURANZI.

Left Wuranzi at 16 hrs. and marched 6 miles on BEHO-BEHO.

Struck Southwards and camped in bush at 23 hrs.

Marched out at 5.30 hrs.  Camped for night at 18 hrs. at TCHOGOWALI RIVER.  Distance covered about 22 miles.

Marched out at 5.30 hrs. and engaged enemy in dense bush at 10.30 on our front and right flank simultaneously and drove him from his position 2 miles west of BEHO-BEHO (TCHOGOWALI) casualties sustained as follows:-


Capt. Selous D.S.O., 1 N.C.O. and 2 men.


Capt. Welstead (slight), 2nd Lt. Buchanan (slight), 2nd Lt. Dutch (serious – since dead) 2 N.C.O’s and 5 men.

Enemy retreated towards the RUFIGI RIVER.  We camped for the night at TCHOGOWALI.

Marched out of TCHOGOWALI at 7 hrs with 2nd Echelon of 1st Brigade under Lt. Col. Driscoll and camped same evening 800 yards from RUFIGI RIVER (KIBAMBAWE).

In camp.  30th Punjaubis crossed river.  No opposition.  The Battalion furnished 2 officers and 24 men on boats ferrying the Punjaubis and other units across at night.

In camp.  Heavy firing across river.  30th Punjaubis engaged.  Our Machine Guns were employed covering the crossing.

In camp at KIBAMBAWE.  Our men employed nightly rowing troops across RUFIGI.

Received orders to return to Morogoro.

The Battalion and the 2nd Rhodesian Regiment all under Lt. Col. Driscoll marched out and camped at TCHOGOWALI (BEHO-BEHO).


Marched from WURANZI to DAKAWA.

In camp at DAKAWA.

Marched from DAKAWA to DUTHUMI.

      "          "    DUTHUMI to TULO.

      "          "    TULO to SUMMIT.

In camp at SUMMIT.

Marched from SUMMIT to RUWU RIVER.

      "          "    RUWU to KASHMIRI CAMP.

      "          "    KASHMIRI CAMP to MIKESSE.

Entrained at MIKESSE.

Detrained at MOROGORO and camped under canvas South of Railway.  All the marches from KIBAMBAWE were performed at night.

In camp at MOROGORO

The sick parade averaged 35 to 40 daily there was a medical inspection by the P. M. O. on the 16th and about 100 men were put aside to go to S. Africa by Hospital Ship.  

The Battalion numbering 301 including officers moved by train from MOROGORO.

Arrived Daressalam.  Marched from Railway Station to Imperial Detail Camp.

By order of D.M.S. two pair drawers and one shirt were drawn for each man and enough overcoats to make up one per man.

At 11 hrs the Battn. embarked on the “Professor” en route for S. Africa, all base kit etc. was taken.

At sea on H.M.T. Professor.

Disembarked at Durban at 9 hrs and marched to Imperial Rest Camp on Marine Parade.

At 18 hrs entrained on special Troop Train for Wynberg.

Arrived 8 hrs at Wynberg Station, Cape Town and marched to camp.  On arrival found draft of 117 from England ex Marathon were waiting the Battalion.

Battalion in camp at Wynberg.  Drills and marches daily.

‘D’ Coy. under Capt. Page moved to Castle, Cape Town and took over all garrison duties there.  During this month about 200 men who had been invalided from E. Africa to Wynberg rejoined the Battn., the Battalion provided about 20 instructors for drill and musketry to No. 1 Composite Regt. and 2nd Batt. Cape Corps.

‘D’ Coy. returned to Wynberg from Castle, Cape Town.  150 men embarked for England invalided.

Gen. inspection by Brig. General Cavendish O.C.S.A. Mil. Command, and medical inspection by Col. Wright S.M.O. Cape Town.  About 100 men were put aside to remain at Wynberg being unfit.

At 9 hrs 21 Officers and 473 men entrained at Wynberg for Durban.

Detrained at Durban at 5.15 marched to Imperial Rest Camp.

At 9 hrs embarked on H.M.T. Medic for E. Africa.

At 16 hrs Sailed.

At Sea.

Arrived LINDI BAY at 8 hrs disembarked and marched to camp.

Lindi Camp.  Battalion was exercised daily in marching and Bush Formation.

Practice embarkation.

Baggage party at Pier.

Battn. 400 rifles all told carrying 100 rounds with 3 Machine Guns marched to Pier.

Embarked on lighters.  Towed up Estuary 6 p.m.

Half Battn disembarked from lighters in boats at shore end of MKAWA tramway.  Rest all ashore by 1 hr on 11th.

Moved up tramway past MKWAWA Farm.

Halted near Farm House.  Held it with 1 B. O. and 12 rifles.

At dawn sent 2nd Lt. Langham and 24 picked men to watch the road 1½  miles on our right.

Replaced this post with Sgt. Eagers and 15 men of ‘B’ Coy.

Halted.  Put out advance screen.

Maxim and rifle fire opened on us from ridge in front and on our left.  Main body took up position. Advanced guard called in.  All well hidden and waiting arrival of K.A.R. on enemy’s flank.  General O’Grady joined Battn here.  All forenoon repeated bursts of Maxim and rifle fire on our position.  We did not fire a single shot in reply.  During this period we had 5 wounded.

Enemy threatened from three directions.  On the left flank assisted by dense bush the enemy crept up to within 30 paces with 3 Machine Guns and strong force of rifles.  They opened a very heavy fire which was immediately returned by the Company in this vicinity.  Our Machine Guns also promptly took up position within 30 paces and after a severe exchange of fire assisted by a charge made by A. Company the enemy drew off leaving 2 Machine Guns in our hands.  The action lasted about 1½ hrs.  Our casualties were.


Lieut Robinson      Killed

Capt Sutton Page   Wounded

Capt M. Ryan        Wounded.

Rank and File.

Killed                     3

Wounded              11

Missing                  2 Signallers attached to G.H.Q.

Capt Isaacson, Staff Captain, Lindi Column was badly hit and died shortly afterwards.  The lightness of our Casualties was due to the fact that the men lay low and still throughout.

Sent escort back along road to meet 2nd Line Transport.

2nd Line Transport arrived.

Patrols sent out failed to find trace of enemy also found that 4” Gun had been removed on a hidden trolly line.  West picquet shot an armed native at midnight.

Battn. marched to SCHAEFFERS FARM through KIDUKI a distance of about 8 miles.  Wounded went by boat from MINGOYO.

Battn marched to LINDI arriving at 11 a.m. distance about 8 miles.  2nd Lieut E. Haggas embarked on H.M.T. “Barjora” for Daressalam (Medical Treatment)

Sick parade increasing, averaging from 40 to 60 daily.  Practically 50% of the number arriving in Lindi are in hospital.

S.M.O. Lindi inspected the Battalion.  155 men on parade, remainder either sick or in Hospital.  In S.M.O’s opinion only 36 of the whole were fit to go on Column.

Still more sick, Officers and Men.  20 Machine Gunners and 16 Rifles to march out on the 28th.  This order was cancelled and the Unit instructed to move Camp 3 miles.

Big Sick Parade.  114 Rank and File admitted to Hospital.  Also Major G. D. Hazzledine & 2nd Lt Lloyd.

Commenced to move camp 3 miles to site of old K.A.R. Camp.

The bulk of the men remaining in Camp are under Medical Treatment.





























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