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C 23.



C 23.



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Party ordered to proceed under Major Berkeley (M/G Coy.) on the 2nd. inst. on patrol.

Above order cancelled.  

Instead, a picquet composed of 50 men with 2 machine guns under Lieut. A. Buchanan and 2/Lieut. P. J Langham proceeded to MTANDA PLATEAU on the NOTO road.

Ordinary Camp duties.

Rendered Special medical return to Staff Captain, Lindi Column shewing total numbers of fit and unfit men.  This return to be rendered daily in future.

Captain J. Ellison, R.M.L.I., reported here for duty with the Unit.  To hold the temporary rank of Major whilst attached to the 25th Bn. Royal Fusiliers. (Auth:GRO.682,iii).

The Battalion proceeded to the Beach for instruction in the use of the Rifle Grenade.

Battalion returned to camp.

Major G. D. Hazzledine embarked and left LINDI for Daressalam.  Men are being discharged from hospital in large batches daily.

105 rank & file arrived from Lindi hospital

Route March.

Captain M. Ryan rejoined from hospital.

2/Lieut. M. Smythe (late I. D.) reported for duty from Dar-es-Salaam.  Also 4 rank & file from Daressalam.

Route March.

2/Lieut. A. W. Lloyd rejoined from Lindi hospital.

Route March.

Promotions of various Officers of the Battalion confirmed to-day.

Pte. Cutts died after being admitted to Lindi hospital.  Disease-Heart failure due to chronic malaria.

Route March cancelled, owing to Cutts’ funeral.

12 rank & file arrived from Daressalaam.

2/Lieut. N. M. Jones (Black Watch) reported for duty from Daresalaam.

Captain M. Ryan admitted Lindi hospital.

Exercises in Bush formations and Field Tactics.

Route March,

14 rank & file arrived from Daressalaam.

Battalion marched out to MTANDA PLATEAU for tactical exercise under the G.O.C. Lindi.

Battalion returned to camp.

Kit inspection of all things which are to be taken on trek.

Operation Orders received – Battalion to move out to MAYANI (8 miles) on the 26th instant.

Route March.

Route March.

Major Ellison proceeded to MAYANI to choose suitable site for camp.

2/Lieut. Burke admitted to Lindi hospital.

Major Ellison returned from MAYANI.

2/Lieut. C. H. Reid (North Staffs) and 2/Lieut. A. J. Auchterlonie (Yeomanry) reported for duty from Daressalaam.

The Battalion marched out for MAYANI with 20 British Officers and 314 other ranks with 4 machine guns, 8 Lewis guns and the necessary transport.

2nd Lieutenant C. L. Perrie and party of 20 men and 158 porters proceeded to MINGOYO for rations.

A Party of 30 rifles proceeded to NAITIWI on patrol.

‘B’ & ‘C’ Companies proceeded on patrol to RUAHA, with Lewis Guns.

The K. A. R.s withdrawn from MAYANI.

The Machine Gun Section occupied the ridge (vacated by the K. A. R.s) supported by a day guard of 1 Officer and 15 men with 2 Lewis Guns.

‘A’ Company provided a party of 25 rifles, which proceeded on patrol to RUAHA.  The scouts accompanied this patrol.

An escort of 25 rifles from ‘D’ Company proceeded with 170 porters to MINGOYO for rations.  Further instructions given in bomb throwing to all N.C.O.s and men.

Orders received – Battalion to move to MINGOYO at 18 hrs. on 1.8.17.

Second Lieutenant Pyman left at 15 hrs with an entrenching party, scouts and R.Q.M.Sgt. for Mingoyo to prepare camping ground.

The Battalion marched out for Mingoyo some 240 strong with 16 Officers.

Officers gathered together to receive instructions from Major Ellison, R.M.L.I. as to tomorrow’s operations.

The Battalion moved out at 3hrs.

The following are the casualties received in action on the 3rd.  An account of this action is given in Appendix A.


36117 Pte. Kaye A.             13503 Sgt. Harding W.

14940 Sgt. Toole J.              13339 Pte. Seume S. A.

36125 Pte. Weightman T.

Died of wounds

13359 Cpl. Harden A.         12859 L/C. Marshall J.


Captain G. Kemsley            2/Lieut. H. Johnson.

2/Lieut. M. C. Reid.

35176 Pte. Carquest F.       47116 Pte. Crossley A.

29682 Pte. Drake J.             35169 Pte. James E.

41060 Pte. Reid J.                49735 Pte. Crofton C.

13511 Sgt. Eagers W.         13547 Cpl. Kendrick W.

36017 Pte. Cannan W.        47130 Pte. Waters G.

47117 Pte. Dare D.              47688 Pte. Tibbett E.

15003 Pte. Taylor J. T.         7162 L/C. James S.

10759 Pte. Tappenden S.   15035 Pte. Brown J.


41058 Pte. Parker W.

Appendix A

3rd August 1917

The Battalion, about 200 strong, marched out from MINGOYO at 3 a.m.  At 4-30 a.m. the 3/4th K. A. R. joined us from ZIWANI, and became the advance guard following the road to TANDAMUTI.  At 5 a.m. the column overtook the 30th Punjabis who were proceeding in a westerly direction towards MOHAMBIKA; this delayed our advance till 6 a.m.  We then proceeded.  At about 8 a.m. the 3/4th K. A. R. got into touch with small enemy picquets who retired firing, on TANDAMUTI.  The K. A. R’s were sent forward to attack TANDAMUTI the Fusiliers being held in reserve.  Very heavy firing on both sides with rifles and machine guns.

About 10 a.m. one Company of the Fusiliers was sent forward to stiffen the K. A. R’s, then the Stokes’ Guns, then another Company of the Fusiliers with the machine guns.  The Fusiliers charged the position but encountered a high boma of thorn bush and wire; this could neither be climbed over nor torn away in spite of repeated attempts under rifle & machine gun fire.  The Fusiliers fell back about 50 yds. & lay down.  The K. A. R’s got very much scattered and out of touch.  No further progress was made and both sides kept up a very heavy fire till 5 p.m. when the order was given by the G. O. C. to retire, the Fusiliers to cover the retirement.  This was carried out.  Meanwhile the Field Hospital two miles in rear with an escort of 1 officer and 15 Fusiliers was about 2 p.m. suddenly attacked and rushed by a strong Company of Askaris and about 8 German whites with one machine gun.  The officer was wounded, also one man, and one man captured, the rest of the escort scattered in the bush & eventually rejoined.  The Battalion reached ZIWANI about 9 p.m. and halted for the night.

Captain C. E. S. Bull arrived and took over the duties of Adjutant vice Lieut. Hollis.  Major Danby of the London Regiment also arrived and was posted to ‘B’ Coy. for duty.  Second Lieutenant J. L. Piggin, 25th Royal Fusiliers, arrived from Dar-es-Salaam hospital and resumed the duties of Battalion Transport Officer.

One N.C.O. and ten men with 18 porters proceeded to Mingoyo for rations.

Major Danby – attached to the 25th Royal Fusiliers – appointed S.S.O. to Colonel Taylor.

Carelessness with reference to Emergency Rations dealt with.

Ration party consisting of 1 N.C.O. and 10 men with 18 Porters, proceeded to Mingoyo.

Similar party proceeded to Mingoyo for rations.  Moved to fresh camp N. E. of the previous position to allow permanent Garrison to occupy it.  The spare ammunition was left as post reserve.  The Battalion was ordered to be in General Reserve at Ziwani and to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Battalion ready to move off.

Marched out in a south easterly direction.  2nd Line Transport to follow.  Marched till 17½ hrs. with remainder of Column. No opposition was met with.

Camped S. W. of Tandamuti and east of tramline.

2nd Line Transport arrived.  An escort of 20 rifles was detailed to move with the Kashmiri Battery.

Marched out having sent back for remainder of rations to complete till the night of the 12th.  The position of the Battalion during the march was immediately to the rear of the Kashmiri Battery.

Camped one mile west of Lukuledi.

Machine gun porters and 200 1st Line porters were sent back to Scaedel’s Farm to bring up the Column rations.

2nd Line Transport arrived.  Second Lieutenant W. J. Warren arrived from Lindi and is posted to ‘A’ Coy.

2/Lieutenant N. M. Jones temporarily detached from the Unit to act as A.P.M. to the Lindi Column. Two rank and file were also detached for duty with the A.P.M.

Operations orders issued for move.  The Adjutant reported to Colonel Taylor for instructions.  The move postponed.  The Germans remain very quiet.  Very heavy rain during the day.  Rations completed up to and for the 14th instant.

The Battalion marched to Colonel Taylor’s camp and occupied a position south west of that camp.

The Column moved out but owing to very heavy rain returned.

A working party was sent out to widen the road.

Orders issued for another move.  Move cancelled owing to rain.

Working party was again employed as for yesterday.

The Battalion moved to a new camp.  The camp was found to be too exposed and so the Unit returned to take up a new


Colonel Driscoll and 2/Lieut. W. J. Warren returned to Lindi..

Moved out for night bivouac, the Battalion acting as Column rearguard.  After the Battalion had left 2nd Line transport was transferred to fresh ground in the neighbourhood of the Column Headquarters.

Marched from bivouac near C23.  Crossed the trolley line and swung round to a point west of Nurunyu.

The advance guard drove in an enemy patrol.  After some 600 yds the advance guard again came into touch with the enemy.

From now onward the head of the column was heavily engaged.

We closed up facing right flank and rear and were shortly afterwards attacked by the enemy.  The fight continued till about 18 hrs when there was a lull.  The Germans had brought up reinforcements and surrounded us.

A shrill whistle was heard and a heavy fire immediately opened on us.  Perimeter opened within 10 secs. And excellent work was done.

The fire ceased.  Bomb and ammunition supply renewed in case of an attack in the morning but the enemy remained very quiet.  The casualties during this action were as follows:-


12890 Pte. Carter J. G.


Captain the Rev. Hutchings (att 25th R. F.).

1852 Sgt. Evans L.         42745 Pte. Clows W.

15051 Pte. McCallum J.

The ammunition expended in the above was approx. 14000r.

Communication re-opened with the rear.  Water and ammunition brought up.  The enemy shelled us at night but only hit their own men.

The camp was enlarged, the Battalion taking up a position on the west side.

Orders for a move issued but cancelled later.

Marched back to C 23 without any opposition being encountered.

Arrived in camp at C 23.  Every one very glad to be back here as in the other camp the water had to be carried from a long way back and as there was no opportunity of boiling it and cases of dysentery among the men were becoming frequent.

Patrols were sent out to scour and learn the neighbouring country.

Two patrols sent out, one under 2/Lieutenant A. H. Burlington-Green and the other under 2/Lieut. H. C. Reid.

Escort for guns was found and patrols were sent out.

A picquet of 1 N.C.O and 9 men at approximately ½ mile along the tramline to the north east of the camp, was mounted. This to be mounted daily.

Captain F. D. Morton (Highland Light Infantry) and 2/Lieut. S. P. Stanley (West Yorkshire Regiment) joined the Battalion and were posted to ‘C’ and ‘B’ Companies respectively.

Two patrols consisting of 2 officers and 15 men each were sent out.  Each patrol took one Lewis Gun and three men from the M/G Section.

The usual patrols were sent out.

Captain Kemsley arrived and resumed command of ‘B’ Coy.  Lieut. Poole arrived and joined ‘A’ Coy.

The usual patrols and picquets were sent out.


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