The Old and the Bold

War Diary

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C 23.

C 23.






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Ordinary Camp routine at C 23.


Camp was shelled by the German 4.1” gun.  12989 Sgt. W. Coates was killed and Lieutenant Peacock wounded during this


Battalion moved to forward positions.  Machine Guns, ‘A’ Coy., ‘B’ Coy., and Headquarters at the Centre Cmp., ‘C’ & ‘D’

Coys. Proceeded to the Left Camp under Captain Morton.  A Forward picquet of 20 men is found once in 24 hrs. by the

Centre Camp.  Owing to the small numbers available this causes a big strain on the men.

Two shells were dropped in camp from the German 4.1”.  No Casualties.

Camp as usual.

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Enemy fearing attack owing to our bombardment and patrols going out shelled the ridge where the picquet was situated.

The picquet then retired but reoccupied the ground on being reinforced.

No change.

The Battalion strength has now dropped to 98.

No change.

Relieved by the 8th S. A. I.  The Battalion was shelled whilst moving back to the old camp at C 23. Captain C. E. S. Bull,

Adjutant, proceeded to Lindi.

No change.

New draft of 2 Officers and 196 other ranks arrived from Durban and disembarked at Lindi.  They were very badly equipped and no quinine was issued during the voyage.

Draft fully equipped.

The detachment marched to the Foreshore and bivouaced there.

The detachment embarked on a tow for MINGOYO.  58016 Pte H. A. Pease, ‘A’ Coy. of the new draft was accidently

drowned during the embarkation.

Arrived at MINGOYO.

The detachment marched out and halted near Schaedel’s for breakfast.

Arrived at C 23.  Completed the Machine Gun Section from the men of the draft.  Colonel D. P. Driscoll, D.S.O., Rejoined

from Lindi.

No change.  Battalion awaiting orders.

The main column moved out.

The Battalion moved out, preceded by a ½ Coy. of 3/4th K. A. Rs. at 14 hrs.  They went to select a spot near RUHO village

where we were to dig in.

Reached Lukuledi, crossing the river with some difficulty over fallen trees and got to position at about 24 hrs.

Patrols sent out.

Patrols again sent out.  2nd. Lieut. Stanley with 15 men proceeded to CHUKULINGA to protect the L of C and telegraphs.

Received orders to join Column 3.

The Battalion fell in in order of march beyond the K. A. R’s.  

The ration convoy, which we had to take through,  arrived at 20 hrs.

The Battalion marched out.

Battalion reached Chukulinga where the detachment joined us.  We camped about 1 mile beyond.

Moved out.

Camped on the Lukuledi beyond MTUA.

The rearguard arrived in camp.

No change.

Battalion ready to move at 5 hrs. with 1st Line only.

Final orders received, when the Battalion moved out following General O’Grady.  Finally joined him on the ridge S. W.

MTUA and N. of road.  We were in reserve.

Formed a perimeter camp for the night.  Heavy firing on our right flank.  We had no casualties with the exception of 1

machine gun porter.

Still in same camp.  Busy getting up rations.

The Battalion was held in reserve.  Heavy fighting proceeding in front.  Various parties were sent out with ammunition,

stretchers etc.  Colonel Driscoll left Captain C. E. S. Bull, Adjt. In Command.


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